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Payment Types
Payment Types Accepted

Payment Types Accepted for Glasses

We currently only accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept Paypal, checks, or money orders at this time. We apologize. However, Pre-Paid Visa Credit Cards may be used at our store.

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HSA & FSA cards
End of year orders 

Contact our support department if you need the credit card to be charged immediately for it to be applicable to the current tax year.

All eyewear purchases are HSA & FSA eligible. Simply use your HSA, FSA, or flex spending card like any ordinary credit card during checkout.

Please ensure that the billing address and zip code provided in the order match the information on the HSA/FSA credit card.

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Coupon codes
The coupon redemption area may be found on the Shopping Cart page, as shown in the image below:

Redeem Coupon for Eyewear Discounts

Enter the code and click "Apply." If valid, the discount will be immediately applied to the order.
Each coupon has its own rules and restrictions. Please see the coupon description for more information.

Current Coupons
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Store credits

Store credits from returns are held on file in the customer's record until the customer requests to use it. A coupon code is not provided for store credits at this time.

The customer may request to apply any available store credits to a new order by making the request in the "Comments" section of the new order or by submitting a new support ticket online.

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Currency & Tax
Currency & exchange rates
Exchange rates

The credit card bank automatically converts US dollars to your local currency, which could result in exchange rate fees assessed by your bank. Exchange rates can vary by bank or day. Please contact your bank for more information on their exchange rates.

All prices advertised and transactions that are processed are in USD - US dollars.

To view a price in your local currency, consider using a currency converter.
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Sales tax, VAT & import duty fees
There is no sales tax charged at this time inside of the United States. Sales outside the United States may be subject by certain taxes/duties charged by the customs department in your country. Please note: All international packages are shipped as DUU "duties and taxes unpaid," and the VAT, duties, and taxes are not applied or predicted for your particular order. For more information regarding your country's custom policies, and taxes please contact your local customs office.
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Invoices & Receipts
Itemized invoices
Invoices for insurance
  • Ensure that the Patient's name is included in the billing or shipping address for it to be shown on the invoice.
  • If a copy of the invoice is submitted to the insurance provider for reimbursement, the applicable CPT diagnostic code must be added to the printed invoice. Please view the HCPCS CPT Vision Codes section for a list of applicable vision codes, or contact our support department for help adding the codes to your invoice.
  • Company Tax ID is readily provided on the invoice. (an NPI number is not available)
All invoices are itemized, including a detailed breakdown of prices for products, lens options, and prescription details, as well as any price adjustments.
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Request invoice copy

Upon order submission, an order confirmation email is sent immediately to the email address, providing a temporary link to the invoice that may be printed or downloaded.

Another copy of the invoice may be obtained in one of the following ways:
  • Click the invoice link in your original email confirmation email to request a new temporary link to your invoice that will be sent to your same email address
  • Registered customers can find a copy of the invoice in their order history after logging in
  • Guest customers may request an invoice via email through their Order Status page
  • Contact our support department to request another email link to the invoice
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Refund invoices
Refund invoices are generated from returns. They generally begin with "CR-" and can be viewed like any ordinary invoice.
Return invoices are created for returned items and are shown as separate order invoices in the order history tab.
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Credit Card Transactions
Credit Card Security Code
The Card Security Code is usually a 3- or 4-digit number, which is not part of the credit card number. The code is printed on the right side on the front or back of a credit card (usually in the signature field). The code may be located on different parts of the credit card depending on the type of card used.
  • Visa, Mastercard & Discover: The 3-digit code on the back of the card
  • American Express: The 4-digit code printed on the front of the card
Credit Card Verification Code
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Use multiple credit cards
You may split the payment of your order across numerous credit cards.  Once your order is placed with the primary card, you may create a new Split Payment Request through your order panel / order status screen to inform our support department with further details of the request. You will be notified by the support department with more information on how to provide additional payment types once you have completed this request through your order status screen.
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Declined payments
Seeing a pending charge

When a declined payment shows as pending on your credit card, it does not mean we have received the funds. The bank may show the charge as pending and hold the declined funds for security reasons for up to 30 days. The cardholder may contact the bank for assistance with reversing a declined payment hold.

A credit card may be declined for several reasons:
  • The bank requires cardholder authorization
  • Insufficient funds
  • Expired credit card
  • Incorrect card number, expiration date, or verification code entered
  • Incorrect billing address & zip code provided (AVS Error)
Most of these issues can be addressed by updating the payment details using the online form, which will notify our billing team to reattempt the payment. For further assistance, the cardholder will need to speak to their bank to resolve any outstanding issues before informing us to reattempt the payment.
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Update payment details
For your security

Credit card details must be submitted directly online by the customer. For security reasons, credit card information is not accepted by phone, email, or chat at this time.

Update the billing credit card for an order directly online through the online invoice. This will only apply to future payments and will not affect prior payments made to a different credit card.

Steps for updating your credit card:

  1. Open your Online Receipt
  2. Click the New CC button to open the payment window (disable any popup blockers)
  3. Submit the new payment details through the online form
  4. Check your email for confirmation of the payment change
  5. Check your email for confirmation when we reattempt declined transactions
Updating credit card

Update the billing address:

Please submit a new support ticket or contact our support department to update the billing address for an order.

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Refunds are issued to the same payment details in the order. Please be advised that refunds usually take 7 business days to post to the credit card statement from the date it was issued. This delay is due to the bank processing the refund.
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