Face Shape Guide

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Face Shape Guide

Eyeglass frames are offered in great variety of shapes and sizes and can compliment someone's appearance according to the person's face shape. Find the explanations for the different face shapes shown below:

Oval Face Shape


Oval is considered the most versatile face shape due to it's balanced proportions. This face shape can practicly wear any style of glasses easily without too much critisism. The only concern is to find a frame which is as wide or wider than the broadest part of the face.
Rectangle Face Shape


Select a distinctive, wide, horizontal frame with some weight at the top and bottom and rounded sides to add fullness and with decoration on the temples that will add width to this narrow face. This is a face that is longer than it is wide and quite often will have a longer nose. To balance this out you may want to try glasses that sit lower on the bridge, which will help to shorten the nose.
Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Inverted Triangle

To balance this out you may find it advisable to pick glasses that take the attention to the top rim of the frame, perhaps semi-rimless glasses on top and coloured or thicker frame on the bottom. Keep the volume and detail to the lower half and keep it discrete on the upper half.
Pear/Heart Face Shape

Pear / Heart

Select frames with a broad horizontal line at the top (to give illusion of width at the eye area) and little or no heaviness to the rest of the frame. This will bring balance to the wide jaw-line.
Square Face Shape


Select a frame not only with straight horizontal lines to give the illusion of width but also a narrow oval shape or anything with rounder, softer edges to give the illusion of roundness.
Round Face Shape


Choose a squarish shape frame which has the edges “knocked off”- softly angular, narrow frame or glasses with more width than depth- giving a more contoured shape. It will lengthen your face and make it appear thinner. Avoid any big round glasses, and keep the width equal to or wider than the broadest part of your face
Diamond Face Shape


Opt for frames which give straight look at the top and bottom, giving the illusion of width It can also help if you pick light coloured frames or even rimless glasses.